Neuromechanic is different from other musculoskeletal software in that the emphasis here is on control.  The video below shows an implementation of a hybrid controller (integrated center of mass control and short latency reflexes) in a ... well, push-you pull-me I guess (sort of the opposite of the specimen standing in front of David Attenborough's brother at the 1:05 mark here).  Our cat hindlimb musculoskeletal model is replicated into four limbs and attached to a single "trunk" body. The control system causes the muscles to come on in response to a shove of the trunk, that muscle activity and the resulting change in ground reaction forces at the feet causes the push-you pull-me to return to it's original posture.  The movie shows the response once in real-time and then once slowed by about a factor of 7.  It may not be that exciting to watch but it demonstrates balance control with control delays that are more or less the same as those observed in the cat. In terms of engineered robotic control systems these delays are quite long.

The yellow lines at the feet represent the endpoint forces and the color of the muscles indicate their activity level (blue = high, red = low).

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