Nate Bunderson

Jeffrey Bingham

Thomas Burkholder (Muscle Physiology Laboratory)

Lena Ting (Neuromechanics Laboratory)

Richard Nichols (Neurophysiology Laboratory)


Relevant Publications:

Bunderson, N.E., Bingham, J.T., Sohn, M.H., Ting, L.H., Burkholder, T.J. (2012) Neuromechanic: A computational platform for simulation and analysis of the neural control of movement, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, Accepted


Bunderson, N.E., Burkholder, T.J., & Ting, L.H. (2008) Reduction of neuromuscular redundancy for postural force generation using an intrinsic stability criterion. Journal of Biomechanics, 41(7):1537-44.


Bunderson, N.E., McKay, J.L., Ting, L.H., & Burkholder (2010), T.J.  Directional constraint of endpoint force emerges from hindlimb anatomy. Journal of Experimental Biology, 213(12):2131-41.

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